Paper Edge Protector Machine

Paper Edge Protector Machine

Product Description
A world class manufacturer and exporter company of the paper edge protector machine,we supply industry edge profiles to several markets,including the transportation,citrus packing,paper packaging,whitehousing and furniture industries.

Available in various sizes, lengths, thicknesses to our paper edge profiles are highly durable, reliable and offer greater sturdiness. 

Paper edge protector machine is contained as 8 separate units.These are :


-          Paper reel stand
-          Paper flexo printing unit for outside layer
-          Paper glueing machine
-          Paper pre-forming unit
-          Paper edge profile pressing and heater unit
-          Paper edge profile trucker unit
-          Paper edge profile lenght cutting machine
-          Paper edge profile stacking unit (evacuation unit )

1.Paper Reel Stand :

Sliced paper reels are attached on paper reel stand and some of the specifications for reel stand in below details.

-          Plies from 12 to 20 pcs.
-          Sliced paper reels top,bottom and middle transfer rollers
-          Paper reel lifting system with a small hoist

2.Paper Flexo Printing Unit for Outside Layer :
Flexo printing machine is used for printing on paper edge’s produced as from one to four colours printing process on outside layer.maxiumum printing width is 200 mm.

3.Paper Glueing Machine :

Sliced paper reels are gone on glueing unit and gluing units can individually glue each paper ply.Each gluing unit with a independent pneumatic tension compressor to the unwinding tightness of proceeding paper ply.One set of roller type gluing unit on top for gluing the top paper ply.Also other main specifications in below details :

-          Plies from 12 to 20 pcs.
-          Cascade type glueing unit
-          Paper gluing pump is pneumatic system
-          Glue heater system
-          Glue remover rods over each paper ply

4.Paper Pre-forming Unit :
After gluing process,all of sliced paper reels are passed top pre-forming unit.In this unit,first edge profile forming is given to sliced papers.

5.Paper Edge Profile Pressing and Heater Unit :

6.Paper Edge Profile Trucker Unit :

Paper edge profile trucker unit has the main driver unit for paper edegeboard. The movement of all system is done in trucker unit. It has 2 main motor. One of them to turn bottom press rolls, the other one is used to turn top press rolls. All of the air pressure quantity can be controlled  by regulators which is on the control panel.

Paper Edge Profile Bottom Press Roller’s Motor Power ……………7,5 KW / 150 Rpm
Paper Edge Profile Top Press Roller’s Motor Power ………………..7,5 KW / 225 Rpm
Pneumatic Edge Profile Pressing System
Electronic Speed Control Device
Top Pressing Roller 3 Group and Diameter is 350 mm
Bottom Pressing Roller 3 Group and Diameter is 250 mm
Paper Edge Protector Size of 1 Profile Min 30x30 mm Max  100x100 mm
Operator Control Panel

7.Paper Edge Profile Length Cutting Unit by Servo Motor

Here is the most important part on paper edge protector machine.all of cutting system is controlled by servo motors and drivers.thus machine cutting accuracy is reached minumum sizes.meanwhile machinery production speed is reached maximum 100 meters in per minute.

Paper Edge Profile Length Cutting Min 200 mm Max 5000 mm
Paper Edge Profile Cutting by Servo Guillotine System
Full Electronic Servo Control System
Servo Motor System
Servo Driver System
Encoder Length Reader System
Cutting Length is Adjusted by HMI System Touch Screen on the Cutting Unit
Edge Profile Pieces by Electronic Counter ( 25 Units )
Production Speed is 100 Meters  in per minute
Paper Edge Profile Length Size Min : 200 mm Max 6000 mm

8.Paper Edge Profile Stacking Unit (Evacuation Unit )

·         Paper Edge Profile Trucker Conveyor Band 
·         Conveyor Band Motor Power 0,75 KW
·         Conveyor Band is Working as Syncronize System With Machine
·         Paper Edge Profile Guider System
·         Paper Edge Profile Length Size Min : 1000 mm Max 5000 mm

Examples of production with the servo cutting system :

L =      50 mm    maximum cutting rate             ≤   20       meters/min
L =    100 mm    maximum cutting rate             ≤  30       meterss/min
L =    400 mm    maximum cutting rate             ≤  40       meterss/min
L =    800 mm    maximum cutting rate             ≤  50       meterss/min
L =  1000 mm    maximum cutting rate             ≤  60       meters/min
L =  1500 mm    maximum cutting rate             ≤  70       meters/min
L =  2000 mm   maximum cutting rate            ≤   90       meters/min
L =  Up to 2000 mm..........................................≤  100     meters/min

Contact Information


Factory Address

  Barbaros Mah. 2126 Sok. No 21/Yenişehir


  Office:  +90 324 358 43 85


News & Events

Feb 10 2014
 Paper core making machine and paper core re-cutter machine installed as very successfully in our Russian customer’s factory.
New Order
Feb 10 2014
 UBR Paper Machinery is sold 1 set paper edge board machine for our Hungarian customer and we are going to install the machine on February 2014 for Budapest factory.
Shippment for Venezuelia
Feb 10 2014
  We will be shipped paper tube and core winding machine for our Venezuelian customer end of January 2014.
Apr 17 2014
 We are going to participate to Interpack Düsseldorf Packaging Exhibition at May 2014.