About Us

Who we are

As you may already know, UBR Paper Machinery has been the world leader in paper tube converting machinery and flexo printing machines since it was established in 2004 year at TURKEY.
Since that time, the company has built an unassailable reputation for quality, reliability and value. The UBR Company range of converting machinery represents a key development of these strengths.

We have been sold to our machines several countries until today and some of the machines are :

Paper sheeter machines.

What we offer for our customers ?

We have focused on paper converting machines such as paper slitter machines,paper tube winding machine,paper tube re-cutter machine,paper edgeboard making machines,flexo printing machines,paper sheeter machines etc.

What is our special ?

Honest and trustworthy , quality first !
To guarantee machine production quality and service quality , we are managing our factory and producing machine as per CE and ISO certification.We are Professional for paper edge protector machines,paper tube machines,paper core machines,spiral paper tube winding machines,flexo printing machines etc.

Why are using paper edge profiles ?

Paper edge protector is more and more popular in the packing industry. We developed U profile,rounded profile and flat board after L profile protector.
Paper protector boards are the right solution to prevent your products from damage during storage and transportation.
- Edge protection
- Corner protection
- Protection frame for drums or round packing
- Inner protector for paper boxes
- Edge protection for paper palet

Paper edge protector production line is for L profile paper edge protector production.through changing tools,it can produce U profile protector and flat board.

Paper edge protector production line

Size of protector : 25*25 – 100*100 mm
Max production speed : 100 meters in per minute
Max quantity of layer : 12 + 1 ply
Total line length : 30 meters
Total power : 32 KW

Main featurings :
- Suspended paper stand with buffering effect,replace the paper rolls with hoist and no need stop the machine.
- Automatic controller for glue temperature ensures the good quality even in winter time.
- nbsp; Heating system for production line , makes the protectors are more strong.
- Touch screen and operatorcomputer interface of servo system , the operation is more personalization.
- Hydraulic or top servo cutting system optional
- Automatic stacking system with counter

Why are using paper tubes ?

Paper tube products are used various industry such as textile,plastic packing, mailing , composite cans etc.
T-600 6 plies paper tube making machine consists of paper reel stand,paper gluing unit,tube forming device and online cutter.shaft diameter depends on customer’s requirement.

- inner diameter range is between 13- 76 mm
- wall thickness range is between 1- 3 mm
- length cutting size is 50- 5000 mm
- production speed is 30 metersin per minute.
- Spiral production speed is upto 80 meters in per minute.

Paper Tube Making Machine

T-802 Paper tube re-cutter machine

is designed for small cutting pieces such as adhesive tapes industry.especially customers are cutted on their main paper tube making machine as longer tubes after that they will attach the longer tubes on re-cutter machine.
The machine is controlled by servo motor system and the machine is wroked just 1 blade.

Paper tube re-cutter machine