Installation Process

Installation Process

Machines will be suitably packed and protected seaworthy for shipment

Upon machines  arrived  at the  buyer’s factory, our technicians shall install and start up the machine at buyer factory. Factory’s authority workers will be trained by our technicians at least 1 week.


All of flight expenses , Tickets accomodation includes hotel charges belongs to buyer company for our technicans.Buyer Company shall not pay any labor  

cost for our technician and our electrical operator


Warranty should be 12 months after start up the machine and running

test at buyer factory.


Know-How :

After sales agreement,we represent all of necessary details for our customers.We are suggesting to our customers that appropriate glue type,paper type etc.Especially the most important point is glue quality in our paper tube making machine and paper edge protector machine.

In that case, we specify that a glue mixed formulation for provide the best quality.


Installation photos :